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An Entanglement


A woman's world comes crashing down when a stranger reveals he's been hired to kill her. What follows is a dark proposition: pay double, and she can turn the hit back on her murderous husband.

Starring Shiri Appleby (nominated for a Critics' Choice award for her role on the acclaimed series UnREAL,) Sean Bell (of Copper and Against the Ropes,) and Gary Wolf (featured alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in the Shane Black film The Nice Guys,) co-produced by the producers of Key & Peele and Workaholics, featuring an original recording by Amy Millan (of the bands Stars and Broken Social Scene,) and an original score by Lucas Putnam (of the band Aeuria.)

*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Discover Indie Film AmazonPrime Short Film Anthology

*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - El Rey Network Suspense Edition Anthology Series

*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Noir Film Festival


*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Filmchella Film Festival

*WINNER- BEST ACTOR* - Film Noir Festival

*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - I Filmmaker International Film Festival

*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Nitehawk Shorts Festival

*FINALIST* - In Short Film Festival


*OFFICIAL SELECTION* - 12th HollyShorts Film Festival

*WINNER - BEST EDITING* - 2016 Melbourne Indie Film Festival (also nominated for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, & Best Short Horror/Thriller)



*WINNER - BEST SHORT HORROR/THRILLER* - 2016 Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards

*WINNER - SILVER AWARD* - 2016 L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival



"Sanford's carved up something dark, deep, and lingering with An Entanglement." - AINTITCOOL.COM​

“Sanford’s short thriller is a punchy exploration of life and death, taught with suspense.” - THE EDGE MAGAZINE

“… a thrilling and boldly curious examination of a marriage gone very wrong.” - REEL RED REVIEWS

“This dark and thought-provoking crime drama is a twisted and compelling tale, beautifully acted by its ensemble cast with Appleby, in particular, capturing a sense of normalcy amidst the madness that draws you in and makes you feel for her situation.” - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC​

“Whether it’s the incredible concept, the wonderfully pragmatic characters, the carpet, or the beautiful, beautiful cinematography that gives it that Gallic edge, I don’t know, but whatever it is, it works.  If you haven’t watched any short films before, this is a fine place to start.” - THE DREAM CAGE​

“The cool implications of the film’s opening switch to more expressive violence in the film’s second half, with the statuesque and naked Bell stalking the husband like some sort of vengeful, Biblical angel.” - THE MOVIE WAFFLER

“Taking a dark premise such as this and making it not just work to full effect in a brisk fifteen minutes, but also managing to squeeze some brief, albeit shadowy, wit into the mix as well, is a feat unto itself.  Yet, director/producer Dylan Sanford not only pulls it off, but does it with a playfully sick sense of humor and edgy resolve that will leave the viewer quite upended by the finale, but in the best possible ways.  Thanks to the equally deft writing provided by Yancy Berns, the narrative crashes along with total intent and races through one wild twist after another…” - ONE FILM FAN

"With films like An Entanglement, it’s a shame that short films aren’t particularly mainstream enough to be seen by a large number of people.” - FLAVOURMAG

“It’s a frank execution: a brutal character exposition on human psyche through talking, between the mysterious hitman and his clients.” - THE TRASH BASH​

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